It was only a matter of time, once the Internet was up and running: social networks were going to spring up. Many sites have come and faded in favor of the next best thing.

I was a late adopter to Facebook, and never really used it for anything except to establish a presence.  Over the past three years, the tweaks FB have made have not impressed me, but they have annoyed me. No surprise then that the mandatory migration to their “Timeline” format irks me.

Writing in the LA Times on July 31, 2012, Salvador Rodriquez again sounded the alarm that the changeover was coming. On August 1, I logged on to my FB account and was told my account would be converted to Timeline on August 8.

The Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering) earlier this year did not go well. I think rightly that some investors were spooked by the metrics Facebook puts out about how active their users actually are.

Now those users such as me are visiting their sites to assess the prospective damage to our privacy. I can only think the net result is to artificially “up” Facebook’s metrics, to hype undeserved confidence and hopes among its now-and-future stockholders.

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