After a period of time during which WordPress was updating itself automatically, it snuck back into manual mode and thus I have pushed the buttons and just gotten a fresh build. The time seemed appropriate to do a bit of work on the site, and I have added some new plugins, updated others and even deactivated a few.

One of the issues I have been facing lately has been a problem with broken hyperlinks. The accepted wisdom is that certain updates to WordPress and/or certain plugins can cause hyperlinks to break, but there is a dearth of information on what exact version or add-on can be looked at as likely culprits. Debugging was a nightmare and I frankly gave up.

It was curious to note that the old hyperlinks continued to function perfectly. New ones were impossible to create (even if I coded the HTML by hand). Since the latest update, this problem had disappeared, I am happy to report.

I have overhauled the content on my Home page and moved the content formerly there to a sub-page in the drop down menu. I’ve included an RSS feed on the landing page on astronomy-related news. As an existential proposition, it is good to bear in mind our insignificance in the greater scheme of things. I am also feeling love for the gif image and have included some on my pages. I have also included a synopsis of The Book.

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