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Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner. There’s nothing quite comparable to winning a primary to make bitching about electability moot. In a crowded field, helped by heavy turnout among younger voters in New Hampshire, Bernie came out on top.

Sanders doesn’t get much love in some quarters. Among his supporters are nasty, antagonistic bullies (the Bernie Bros), plus there’s a contingent of feral, divisive interlopers (the Russian bots). Rivals Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, Clinton apparatchik James Carville, and others, deride Bernie as a socialist. Late-bloomer Mike Bloomberg all but branded Bernie a communist at the Nevada debate. Despite Bernie’s popularity with people, he has not found favor with the editorial boards of Nevada newspapers. Absent such endorsements, I’m just going to link to a favorite snippet from a Sanders campaign appearance back in 2016.

The stark reality is that a majority of Democrats will vote for a party nominee in the general election who was not their top choice. If the foregoing describes you, make your peace with the predicament now. Do your civic duty in November. Finish what the House started when they impeached Donald. Vote Trump out!