Do you ascribe a certain meaning to something Donald Trump says or tweets only to be dismissed later by him or a spokesman claiming that he meant something else? No, you are not the one going crazy! You are being gaslighted!

Gaslighting is a common tactic of narcissistic abusers. Gaslighting is the attempt by a person to overwrite another person’s reality, a recognized form of emotional abuse, where the abuser manipulates situations repeatedly to trick their victims into distrusting their own memories and perceptions. Don’t fall for Trump’s mind games. You got it right the first time!

Donald Trump, misunderstood? My ass!

7 times Trump was ‘misunderstood’

Donald Trump found himself at the center of controversy Tuesday with an offhand remark about stopping Hillary Clinton with the “Second Amendment.” Trump’s campaign insists he was simply predicting that the unified political power of gun rights advocates could be enough to stop Hillary Clinton from appointing liberal justices.

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